Lisa Holloway

I’m certain there’s no introduction needed for this incredible lady.  For those of us in this industry, when we hear the name Lisa Holloway, we swoon at the image of beautiful, thought-provoking subjects soaked in the undeniably breathtaking South-West landscape backdrops.  Lisa is an internationally published, award winning fine art portrait photographer sesiding in rural Northwestern Arizona.  Her photos are both envied and emulated all over the world.  

I’m always striving to improve and learn new things…good is never good enough

I’m in awe of Lisa, both with and without a camera in hand.  She’s the proud mother of 11, and still finds and makes the time to keep one foot in this crazy business.   She has been a supporter of Laugh & Grow Press for some time now and has allowed us to feature her beautiful work in this year’s Holiday Collection.  You can also see a couple of her littles featured in our Simply Announcing templates too!    Thank you, all my love Lisa!

Become a fan of Lisa and view selections of her beautiful work via Facebook here.  If you happen to find yourself in the Las Vegas area in need of photography, you can visit for more information.