Kelly Brown

You know those people, the ones you meet in your life, where you’re in awe of their talents their knowledge their success?  Kelly is one of those people to me… in the beginning.  Through a past business project, she and I met.  Well perhaps not actually met, she lives on the other side of the world!  She graciously and genuinely replied to an inquiry of mine, one where others didn’t/wouldn’t.  This very act would be the beginning of change in the way I think about Kelly now.   Now, when someone brings up the fabulous Little Pieces Photography by Kelly Brown, her amazing, award-winning photographs are not the first thing that comes to mind.  (those things are all a given, right?)  Rather, I think of truly the kindest person I’ve ‘encountered’ in a very long time.  One who seemingly does things to help others if it’s within her power…. without wanting anything in return.  If it can lift you up, or help you in anyway and I have the power to do so, why not?  A philosophy I have embraced my whole life.  I have a handful of these types of friends who believe in lifting others up, I am blessed and ever grateful for them.  Kelly is one of them.

AIPP QLD Professional Photographer of the Year 2014 & 2013

Kelly’s photography and brand is known the world over.  She continues to provide her clients beautiful images of their newborn children, her specialty.  However Kelly is also an award winning fine art portrait photographer!   She has been awarded AAIPP QLD Portrait, Family and Australian Creative Photographer of the year, and is currently the AAIPP QLD Professional Photographer of the Year, 2013-2014.  She travels worldwide holding newborn posing classes, and offers numerous products for photographers, such as workflow actions and marketing guides.  Be sure to visit her site and shop, here, to browse around.  Become a fan and say hello on Facebook here!