Laura Murray Photography

Laura is an immensely talented boutique-stlye photographer based in Denver, Colorado.  Her studio focuses on creating artistic wedding and lifestyle photography. She uses a combination of photo journalistic methods and editorial approaches to produce high-impact, truthful photography.

Laura Murray’s soft colors and intimate compositions have garnered her global recognition, recently photographing Tony award nominee Annaleigh Ashford’s wedding in the mountains.This Colorado based photographer and former Bronco’s cheerleader is often published in top wedding blogs and magazines, and was recently named one of Martha Stewart’s Top Wedding Photographers.

Laura’s lovely imagery is featured in Laugh & Grow’s Simply Love Collection.  Her clean, soft style and deliberate use of negative space was the absolute perfect fit for us!  What I love about Laura’s work is the emotion that is beautifully tied to each image.  When you browse her wedding images, you get a real feeling for what the actual day was like.  The details, the emotions, and the celebration!  For me personally, what drew me to her was her engagement photography work.  First, you absolutely get a sense of beautiful connection between her clients, but not only do you see it, you really do feel the deep emotion she has managed to capture.  That’s not the lucky photographer that happened to get clients that are so in love you can see it, that’s the work of a skilled artist that can direct, lead and deliver that special something her clients line up for.   Luck clients, huh?

Be sure to visit Laura and become a fan of hers on Facebook here.  If interested in learning more about Laura or scrolling through her beautiful blog, visit  Forever grateful to you Laura!