Kelley Ryden and Tracy Raver

I’m certain introduction isn’t needed, as this sister duo is known the world over.   Baby posing is their specialty and they share their vast knowledge via workshops for all level photographers.  Newborn Dreamland is unmistakeable in it’s signature pose everyone swoons over… the adorable little one skillfully posed with its head propped up by the hands under the chin.

teaching newborn posing and styling to photographers from around the world

Laugh & Grow Press is beyond excited to feature Kelley’s beautiful photography in the Whisper Album series.  Spreads upon spreads of beautiful imagery!  I often feel like design days for me are less about work, and could probably more accurately be described as me sitting, gawking through the lovely galleries of  these amazing ladies.

Kelley and Tracy still actively produce beautiful client work on top of their extensive teachings.  Be sure to visit to view their  amazing body of work and to check their workshop and mentoring  schedules.  If these talents were’t enough, Tracy also creates these unbelievably beautiful knit/crochet outfits for the tiny little humans they photograph.  Keep an eye on the facebook page here, because they often list these treasures for sale!